Tax Reporting of Company Stock Sales: Avoid Overpaying Taxes

In this 8-minute video from’s Bruce Brumberg, learn tips for avoiding mistakes with stock options, restricted stock/RSUs and ESPPs:

Trends in Clawbacks & Director Compensation

Shearman & Sterling’s Lisa Jacobs & Doreen Lilienfeld analyze the trends — and increased focus — on clawbacks and director compensation policies:

IPO Governance Practices

This EY video covers the trends in governance practices at companies going public…

Short-Termism: Is Compensation Design to Blame?

In this video, Semler Brossy’s Dan Marcus & Blair Jones discuss the “short-termism” debate in the executive compensation context (this video is “Part I”

Why Anti-Corruption Diligence Is Important in M&A

In this 6-minute video, Paul Weiss’ Mark Mendelsohn & Peter Jaffe discuss FCPA challenges in deals.

Keith Higgins: A Standing “O”!

In his last appearance as a SEC Staffer, Keith Higgins is warmly greeted by the ABA’s Federal Regulation of Securities Committee

Cap’n Cashbags: Insider Trading During a Board Meeting

Cap’n Cashbags – a CEO – observes a director conduct illegal insider trading during a board meeting. Based on a true story, as described

Audit Committees: Auditor Appointment, Compensation & Oversight

This video from the Center for Audit Quality about audit committees duties is useful…

17 Years of Cubs Programs

Here’s my collection of Cubs programs from ’63 to ’79. Wasted youth…

Insider Trading Cartoons Vol. IX: Tender Offers

Brooks Pierce’s David Smyth uses cartoons to teach how the insider trading laws apply during tender offers:

Profile: Corp Fin’s Jonathan Ingram

The SEC posted this video profiling Corp Fin Deputy Chief Counsel Jonathan Ingram:

To Fly (With Bruno)

A 3-minute video of me jumping off a Switzerland cliff & paragliding…

Brexit: What Companies Need to Know Now

In this video, Paul Weiss’ David Lakhdhir discusses how companies can start to manage their exposure to the risks a Brexit deal may bring.

Gender Diversity on Boards: 4 Observations

In this video, EY’s Center for Board Matters provides observations on the state of board diversity.

FCPA’s Pilot Program: New Guidance for Self-Reporting

In this video, Paul Weiss’ Alex Young & Farrah Berse discuss the Analogic and Johnson Controls settlements that shed further light on how the

Insider Trading Cartoon Series, Vol. VIII: Negligence?

Brooks Pierce’s David Smyth uses cartoons to teach how negligence works for insider trading liability:

Sights & Sounds: “Women’s 100 Conference ’16”

Here’s the sights & sounds of the “Women’s 100” events in DC and Palo Alto

How to Deal With a Crisis

Check out Deloitte’s new “Resilient” podcast series with former senior executives.

Board Meeting: Ain’t Gonna Meet Itself

In this video, Ehrlich has a board meeting that won’t meet itself

Cap’n Cashbags: The SEC Loves Teamwork

Cap’n Cashbags & his director pals team together to spoof the SEC’s 1-minute video about teamwork: