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Keith Higgins: A Standing “O”!

In his last appearance as a SEC Staffer, Keith Higgins is warmly greeted by the ABA’s Federal Regulation of Securities Committee

Cap’n Cashbags: Insider Trading During a Board Meeting

Cap’n Cashbags – a CEO – observes a director conduct illegal insider trading during a board meeting. Based on a true story, as described

17 Years of Cubs Programs

Here’s my collection of Cubs programs from ’63 to ’79. Wasted youth…

To Fly (With Bruno)

A 3-minute video of me jumping off a Switzerland cliff & paragliding…

Sights & Sounds: “Women’s 100 Conference ’16”

Here’s the sights & sounds of the “Women’s 100” events in DC and Palo Alto

Board Meeting: Ain’t Gonna Meet Itself

In this video, Ehrlich has a board meeting that won’t meet itself

Cap’n Cashbags: The SEC Loves Teamwork

Cap’n Cashbags & his director pals team together to spoof the SEC’s 1-minute video about teamwork:

Cap’n Cashbags: Out-of-Control!

Cap’n Cashbags receives $100 million in stock options for the year

Cap’n Cashbags: Hanging With Stewie

Cap’n Cashbags makes small talk with Stewie of “The Family Guy” fame

Happy 80th to My Dad!

A long video portraying his life so far

Cap’n Cashbags: Nepotism Reigns

Cap’n Cashbags – a CEO – hires three sons who probably aren’t qualified.

Cap’n Cashbags: Fakes His Own Death

Cap’n Cashbags fakes his own death to avoid giving a raise to a long-time employee. Stick around til the end for a dog video!

Cap’n Cashbags: The Call from the IRS

Cap’n Cashbags gets a surprising call from the IRS.

Dave & Marty’s “Pay Ratio Puppet Show”

For the “Proxy Disclosure Conference” hosted by CompensationStandards.com & TheCorporateCounsel.net, Dave Lynn and Marty Dunn put on their pay ratio puppets:

Sights & Sounds: Proxy Disclosure Conference ’15

We had fun during TheCorporateCounsel.net’s “Proxy Disclosure Conference” in San Diego:

Book Review: “Comebacks for Lawyer Jokes”

Here’s an illustration of the wisdom of Malcolm Kushner’s book – “Comebacks for Lawyer Jokes”

CorporateAffairs.tv Rocks!

Best 20-second promo around!

Campaigning for TheCorporateCounsel.net

This video is a “throw-back” one, back when I cared about such things

“The Women’s 100 – West ’15”: Sights & Sounds

Here’s a 40-second video providing a flavor of this networking event in Palo Alto

“The Women’s 100 – East ’15”: Sights & Sounds

Here’s a 40-second video providing a flavor of this networking event in DC