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Sights & Sounds: “Women’s 100 ’19”

Here’s the sights & sounds from our “Women’s 100” events in NYC and Palo Alto…

Oodles of “The Corporate Counsel”

Over a decade ago, this is what our HQ looked like with many, many extra copies of “The Corporate Counsel” print newsletter:

Conference Pointers

I’ve done some silly stuff over the years when I’ve spoken at conferences to keep the audience engaged. Here is one of those moments:

This Is How We Do It (Remix)

When John, Liz & I finally got together in-person for the first time, we enjoyed each other so much that we spontaneously began to

Cap’n Cashbags Loves UTHR’s “Annual Rapport”!

Cap’n Cashbags is loving the 2017 “annual rapport” from United Therapeutics!

Section 16 Forums’s “Section 16 Forums” – held in DC & San Francisco in 2018

Sights & Sounds: “Women’s 100” in 2018

5th Annual “Women’s 100 Conference” for corporate governance professionals & corporate lawyers – Palo Alto & New York City

Documenting Board & Committee Minutes

In this 10-minute video, Wilson Sonsini’s Megan Baier discusses the art of minutes.

Cap’n Cashbags Loves Vea World Recipes Crackers!

Cap’n Cashbags foregoes holiday bonuses for employees so he can buy Vea World Receipes for himself!

The Pig Races: Aon’s Conference Booth

Just love Aon’s booth at our “Proxy Disclosure Conference” with these pig races

Understanding Cybersecurity Regulation

This 75-minute video shows a cybersecurity regulation panel hosted by the SEC Historical Society.

How In re Trulia is Affecting M&A Litigation

In this video, Paul Weiss’ Dan Toal & Geoff Chepiga discuss the evolving impact of the case and what companies can expect when facing

The Kid & the Proxy Season Treatise

This 30-second video proves the value of Romanek’s “Proxy Season Disclosure Treatise” – the new 2018 Edition:

Our “Section 16 Bootcamp”

In this 90-second video, Broc explains how our “Section 16 Bootcamp” works.

Cap’n Cashbags: Wage Cuts Across the Board (Except Me)

Cap’n Cashbags just hanging out with his fellow CEO pals who serve on his board’s compensation committee – talking about wage cuts for all

Sights & Sounds: “Women’s 100” in 2017

Our 4th Annual “Women’s 100 Conference” for corporate governance professionals & corporate lawyers – Palo Alto & New York City

Cap’n Cashbags: 15 Years of Blogging

Cap’n Cashbags – a CEO – tries to convince his director friend that 15 years of blogging is worth celebrating…

Shareholder Activism & Politics/Economy

In this video, Josh Black of the “Activist Insight” discusses how politics & economics are impacting shareholder activism.

Cybersecurity: Top Threats

Hogan Lovells’ Harriet Pearson & Jeff Lolley talk about the top cybersecurity threats today

Gender Diversity on Boards

Here’s a video from EY about gender diversity on US boards: