Monthly Archive:: April 2014

5 Steps to Becoming a SEC Commissioner

Description of criteria – in practical terms – of being appointed a SEC Commissioner

1 Cool Thing About Amazon’s ’14 Proxy Statement

Amazon’s 2014 proxy statement is old-fashioned – only 25 pages long and few charts & graphics

Cap’n Cashbags: Passing on Stock Tips

Cap’n Cashbags – a CEO – passing on a stock tip to earn a little extra money. The digested napkin parrots the fact pattern

23 Cool Things About Merck’s ’14 Proxy Statement

23 great ways that Merck enhances the usability of its 2014 proxy statement

History of UK Corporate Governance

Slideshow of evolution of corporate governance in the United Kingdom over the years.

Shareholder Proposals: Eligibility

What criteria must a shareholder meet to be eligible to submit a shareholder proposal.

Thanks for the Gumball Mickey – DLA Piper, Austin

The fine lawyers at DLA Piper in Austin pay homage to the old Hasbro TV commercial…

18 Cool Things About Spectra Energy’s ’14 Proxy Statement

18 great ways that Spectra Energy enhances the usability of its 2014 proxy statement (compare to last year’s proxy).

7 Ways to Sleep at Shareholder Meetings

In the wake of the “fight letter” filed in the Harvard Illinois Bancorp proxy fight, Dr. Jimmy sits down to analyze what sleeping at

27 Cool Things About Intel’s ’14 Proxy Statement

27 great ways that Intel enhances the usability of its 2014 proxy statement for shareholders.

Spring Break: What DC Tourism Looks Like

Here’s a slide show of DC tourists enjoying the cherry blossoms & other popular landmarks.

Restricted Stock & RSUs: Training Video

Bruce Brumberg of myStockOptions explains what restricted stock/RSUs are – good training vid for your employees.

How Twitter Can Improve Your Market Liquidity

Accounting Prof Elizabeth Blankespoor describes her study on how companies – particularly small caps – can leverage Twitter for capital market benefits.

Shareholder Proposals: Appeals Process

Description of the appeals process after the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance makes a decision on no-action letter request on a shareholder proposal under

20 Cool Things About Western Union’s ’14 Proxy Statement

20 great ways that Western Union enhances the usability of its 2014 proxy statement for shareholders.

Regulation FD: Why It Was Adopted

Description of how Reg FD was adopted in 2000 – and why.