Happy 80th to My Dad!

A long video portraying his life so far

Insider Trading Cartoons Vol. IV: Rank & File Employees

Brooks Pierce’s David Smyth uses cartoons to teach what how rank & file employees can trip up the insider trading laws

IPOs: “UP-C” Structures

In this podcast, Simpson Thacher’s Joshua Ford Bonnie and John Hart explain the basics of the “UP-C” (or Umbrella Partnership–C-Corporation) structure for IPOs, including

Compensation Alignment for Long-Term Growth

In this video, Pearl Meyer’s David Swinford and Prof. Charles Elson discuss how a culture of ownership among top management and the Board can

Cap’n Cashbags: Nepotism Reigns

Cap’n Cashbags – a CEO – hires three sons who probably aren’t qualified.

Cap’n Cashbags: Fakes His Own Death

Cap’n Cashbags fakes his own death to avoid giving a raise to a long-time employee. Stick around til the end for a dog video!

Cap’n Cashbags: The Call from the IRS

Cap’n Cashbags gets a surprising call from the IRS.

JOBS Act 2.0 & IPOs

In this 15-minute video, Simpson Thacher’s Josh Bonnie & Joe Kaufman discuss the IPO-related provisions of the FAST Act.

Insider Trading Cartoons Vol. III: Very Temporary Insiders

Brooks Pierce’s David Smyth uses cartoons to teach what are “very temporary insiders”:

Pay Considerations When Hiring New CEO From the Outside

In this video, Bob Romanchek of Meridian Compensation Partners explains the importance differences between hiring an internally promoted CEO versus an external CEO candidate.

Dave & Marty’s “Pay Ratio Puppet Show”

For the “Proxy Disclosure Conference” hosted by CompensationStandards.com & TheCorporateCounsel.net, Dave Lynn and Marty Dunn put on their pay ratio puppets:

EDGAR-Plus Services: RBsource Filings Demo

Here’s a 2-minute video that demos RBsource Filings:

Insider Trading Cartoons Vol. II: Temporary Insiders

Brooks Pierce’s David Smyth uses cartoons to teach what are “temporary insiders”:

Insider Trading Cartoons Vol. I: Classical Theory

Brooks Pierce’s David Smyth uses cartoons to teach classical insider trading theory:

Sights & Sounds: Proxy Disclosure Conference ’15

We had fun during TheCorporateCounsel.net’s “Proxy Disclosure Conference” in San Diego:

Acquisition Finance Trends

In this video, Paul Weiss’ Eric Goodison discusses the private equity financing market.

Swingers: Section 16(b) Liability

Use this animation by Brooks Pierce’s David Smyth to train your staff about Section 16(b) short-swing liability

Recent Delaware Cases & DGCL Changes

Richards Layton’s Richard Rollo, John Zeberkiewicz & Jennifer Barrett talk recent Delaware changes in this 30-minute video.

Book Review: “Comebacks for Lawyer Jokes”

Here’s an illustration of the wisdom of Malcolm Kushner’s book – “Comebacks for Lawyer Jokes”

HR’s Role in M&A Compensation

Kristine Oliver of Pearl Meyer & Partners talks about the benefits of having HR teams involved at the beginning stages of a merger in